Vacuum Repair

April 4, 2013

Buying a vacuum from a big box store can be a confusing experience. Trying to get one repaired after they break is impossible. This is where O.K. Vacuum saves the day. We are the warranty service center for most major brands of vacuums. We have 52 years experience repairing vacuum cleaners. Often times your problem is as simple as a broken belt, a clog, or a tripped reset switch. Simple repairs are done while you wait. We take the time to show the customer how to clean their filters, and cut the hair off the agitator if they are a do it yourself type person.

O.K. Vacuum and Janitor Supply repairs all brands of vacuum cleaners. We repair the door to door brands like Kirby,Electrolux, TriStar, Compact, Filter Queen, and Rainbow. We also service Hoover, Eureka, Royal, Dirt Devil, Panasonic, Bissell, Riccar, Simplicity, Oreck, Kenmore, and Dyson. All repairs are done on site by our expert repair technicians. The repair charges are posted in plain view for our customers to see. Our clean, and service includes a complete tear down of your vacuum with all bearings lubricated, filters cleaned, electrical system checked, brush roll cleaned, new paper bag, and your machine thoroughly cleaned. We’ll get your vacuum running top notch.