Riccar Supralite Vacuums

January 31, 2013

Riccar is a vacuum manufacturer with a factory in St James Missouri. The parent company is Tacony.  Corporate headquarters is in Fenton Missouri a suburb of St. Louis. The Supralite is a lightweight (less than 8 lb.) vacuum that is very popular. We find home cleaning companies, the elderly, and people wanting an easy to push vacuum are the best customers for this machine. The Supralite can be purchased in five different models. A commercial model suitable for home cleaning companies has a double insulated 50 foot grounded cord. The residential models have 30 foot cords, and are warrantied for 3 years. Residential models can be purchased with a single speed motor, or a dual speed motor. The two speed motor allows the user to operate the machine on the low speed for cleaning hard surface floors. The single speed motor only operates on the high speed which works great on carpet, but it goes too fast for efficient pick up of debris on a hard floor. I love the bag system on this vacuum. The bag is very large so it holds plenty of dirt. Changing the bag is very simple. The belt driving the agitator is easy to change. No tools are required. You push in on two tabs on the bottom plate, and it’s easily removed. Place the belt over the motor pulley then on the agitator. Using two hands push the agitator into place. Roll the agitator to make sure the belt doesn’t bind. Now if you can afford it, Riccar has a Supralite (the RSL5) with a belt you will never change. This model has a sensor that will shut the roller off if you pick up something large. This machine sells for around $550.00, but it is nice to know you’ll never change a belt again. We sell a lot of these machines at O.K. Vacuum and Janitor Supply, and people come back raving about how much they love the vacuum. Best of all these vacuums are Made in America.

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