Hoover Type A Vacuum Bags

December 25, 2012

Hoover vacuums using type A bags was a big improvement in the cleaning effectiveness of Hoover Vacuums. A rigid plastic tube carried the dirt to the top of the bag where it was deposited. This allowed the bag to fill from the bottom up ensuring the vacuum’s performance didn’t go down as the bag filled with dirt. Hoover introduced this feature in it’s upright line in the 1970’s. Hoover models incorporating the type A bags were the better Convertible models, Concept One, Concept Two, Decade 80’s, Elite, and Legacy models. Many of these vacuums are still in use today thirty years after they were manufactured. All these vacuums were made in North Canton Ohio, and they illustrate the quality Hoover put into their products. Unfortunately with Hoovers purchase by TTI the parts needed to keep these machines running are slowly becoming harder to get. Parts for these models, and type A bags are readily available at www.ok-vac.com.

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