Repair Scratched Furniture

October 21, 2012

Kids, and their toys can accidentally put scratches on your furniture. A glass carelessly placed on an end table without a coaster will put a ring on the table. I’ve moved plenty of furniture, and no matter how careful I was scratches ended up on my furniture. What if I told you these issues can be fixed using things found around the house.

Use shoe polish to fill in the scratches found on your furniture. Apply it with a soft rag working it into the scratches. Allow to dry then buff. If you can’t get the exact color match try blending two colors to get the one you desire. After it dries buff it out using a soft rag. Glass rings can be removed by applying a coat of mayonnaise to the ring. Allow it to stay on the ring overnight then wipe it off. If it doesn’t come totally out the first go round repeat the process.

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