How to hire a cleaning company.

July 14, 2012

Hiring a cleaning company for your home, or office can be a challenging experience. Remember the people who you hire are going to have access to your most private things. If it’s an office environment it could be your customer lists, or trade secrets. If you’re hiring someone to clean your home it’s your children, jewelry, and your most private possessions you want to safeguard.  You need the knowledge to ask the right questions before it’s too late.

The first question you should ask. Does the company do background checks on their employees? You also want to know if they employ convicted felons. Don’t laugh it’s a common practice to partner with the government to get a steady stream of employees. Sometimes the company will get a wage subsidy for the employee from the government. You also want to know if the employees are screened for drug use before being hired. Are the employees bonded, and insured in case of damage to your possessions. Request to see their workers compensation certificate. There are cleaning companies that let it expire, or don’t have it. Guess what happens if an employee gets hurt cleaning on your premises, and the employer doesn’t have workers compensation insurance. You end up getting sued. Find out what training the employees undergo before they are turned loose to clean. If you have stone, wood floors, or other less common surfaces make sure they know how to clean it. It’s very possible to damage the surface if you clean it with the wrong product. What products do they use to clean with. Do they use common household cleaners from the grocery store, or do they use commercial quality cleaning products.Ask if it’ll be the same people cleaning every time. What does the company do when your regular person goes on vacation? Will you have the name, and number for the supervisor? How about the owner? Make sure the job specifications are in writing before you hire a company. Your level of clean could be vastly different from theirs. If you’re not happy with their service what is the procedure for parting ways. Many companies require a 30 day written notice before you can get rid of them. Request a list of references. Lastly check out the company on the internet. What are other customers saying about them. Are the reviews good, or do they say avoid like the plague.

You are now armed with the basic information to go about hiring a good cleaning company for home or office. You can see an example of a top drawer company by clicking on Vivid Cleaning. The owner of this company can answer every one of the above questions. He has never lost a customer based on a service issue. He has written an excellent blog about hiring a cleaning company for your office. Read his article by clicking here.

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