Vinyl Floors

March 19, 2013

Care, and cleaning of your no wax vinyl floor.

My wife has a best friend who waxed her no wax floor almost every week. When new, the floor was designed to be a no wax floor, but over the years had lost it’s shine. I did a little detective work, and discovered she had cleaned it frequently with Spic N Span, or Pine Sol. The manufactured no wax finish originally applied at the factory had been stripped off over time by cleaners with a high alkaline PH. When commercial tile floors need stripped the workers use a high PH product called a stripper. The products my wifes friend was using had great cleaning ability, but unfortunately it cleaned the finish off the floor. Her solution was to use Mop N Glo which left a heavy yellow wax build up on her floor.

Her first step should have been the utilization of walk off mats at the entry points of her home. These work for home owners just like they do for high traffic public buildings by catching the dirt at the door. The second step should have been to dust mop the floors to remove any gritty dirt on the floor. This works like sand paper to abrade the surface of the floor. Lastly when mopping the floor she needed to use a neutral PH floor cleaner. These cleaners are inexpensive, and concentrated. You use one to two ounces of cleaner per gallon of water. It will not damage the factory shine on your floor.

If your floor has a build up of Mop N Glo, or a similiar wax product you’re going to have to remove it, and start over. When stripping a floor the devil is in the details. You’re best bet is to purchase a commercial grade floor stripper. Follow directions regarding the dilution rate, and allow the stripper to remain on the floor at least 15 minutes. A shop vacuum can make your job much easier by quickly sucking up the melted wax, and stripper. You must continue stripping the floor until all old wax is removed. I recommend you rinse your floor with cool water at least twice to remove all traces of stripper from the floor. If you don’t remove all the stripper your new wax won’t adhere to it. I recommend you buy a commercial grade floor finish/wax. You apply wax undiluted, and in very thin coats. Applied in thin coats it should dry in 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to only do this only once apply four thin coats to the floor. By applying four coats you’ll have enough coats to protect the floor from everything but the deepest scratches. A single coat, and you’ll be doing this again in a year. Below are videos, and information about cleaning no wax floors. I’ve also included a video on entrance mats.