St. Louis Vacuums

March 19, 2013

Vacuums the most abused appliance in your home.

If you think about it your vacuum removes dirt from your floor surfaces, and keeps it inside until it gets emptied. The moving parts are exposed to dirt, and who really takes the time to maintain their vacuum. Most folks never think about maintenance until it breaks then it becomes a major issue. If you think I’m joking try not vacuuming a couple of weeks, and see if you miss your vacuum. The good news is when your vacuum fails it’s often because you over filled it, and it clogged up. The other big reasons vacuums fail is because the belt that turns the agitator breaks. Where you buy your vacuum isn’t a big deal until you have a problem with it.

Every retailer wants to sell you a new vacuum, but two years later if you have a problem will they still be excited to see you. Buying a vacuum from a big box store is a simple matter of finding where they’re located in the store, proceed to aisle 36, read the labels, take it home, and put it together. If the vacuum fails down the road you call an 800 number where the phone is answered in a foreign country. The problem is the country where your vacuum is made will be different from where the call is picked up at. The same is true for vacuums purchased over the internet. Buying a vacuum from a door to door salesman will come with a hefty price tag. You can expect a great demonstration in your home but just remember this person is probably a total stranger you’ll never see again after the purchase. They make their money selling vacuums, not service. Buying your vacuum from a specialty store like an independent appliance store, a vacuum store, or a local chain store usually means you will be important to the merchant long after the sale is consummated. You will be able to get bags, belts, filters, and service on your vacuum after your purchase. They will take the time to explain the features, and benefits of the vacuums they sell. They will also explain the difference between canister, and upright vacuums. Lastly they should take the time to ensure you get the vacuum best suited to your budget, and needs. You should expect you vacuum assembled at no charge because in reality some vacuums require an engineer to assemble. I’ve attached video’s with more information on the types of vacuums, and their benefits.