Dry Carpet Cleaning

March 19, 2013

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the three major ways to clean carpeting used by professionals.

Dry carpet cleaning was developed by two different companies. The oldest is Racine Industries, and their process is know as Host. You spread the Host product on the carpet by hand, or you can use a plastic cup. You want to do one room at a time as you don’t want the sponges to dry out before you can brush them into the carpet. The Host method uses very small moist sponges that are brushed into your carpet with a Host machine. A Host machine has two soft counter rotating brushes that drive the sponges into your carpet. The sponges are slightly moistened with a carpet cleaning compound. It has a citrus smell to it, and is designed to absorb the dirt into the sponge. When working the sponges into the carpet it’s best to work in a north/ south, then east/west pattern. Carpet fiber has four sides to it, and this method ensures all sides of the carpet are brushed. After working the sponges into the carpet it’s recommended you leave them remain for at least two hours. You then vacuum the sponges out of the carpet using your vacuum. You must use a vacuum with a revolving agitator to remove the sponges.

The other dry carpet cleaning method is called Capture. It was developed by the Milleken Carpet company as a safe way to clean their carpets. The Capture product is very similiar to the Host product but a lot finer than the Host sponges. It also requires you to rent, or purchase one of their special machines. The way you apply it, and work it into the carpet is also the same as Host. One of the benefits of Capture over Host is you can also clean upholstery with their product. Another difference over Host is a home owner can buy a machine that works the Capture product into the carpet. Host only will rent machines to home owners, and the commercial units are north of $1500.00.

You’ll find these dry carpet cleaning methods in facilities that are open 24 hours. Airports, hotels, and casinos are big customers of the dry carpet cleaning method.