Carpet Shampooing

March 19, 2013

Cleaning your carpet with the shampoo method.

Carpet shampooing is a very popular way to clean carpets. You use a floor machine, a soft shampoo brush, and a shampoo solution to release the dirt from your carpet fibers. The machine passes back and forth over the carpet. It is a very quick way to clean carpet. You’ll find this method used by casinos, hotels, convention centers, and most any facility that has a short window to get carpet clean. The machines come in household models costing from $229 to $400 dollars. They are 11″ to 12″ in size. They are light weight and easy to use. Commercial floor machines come in 13″ to 20″ in size. They are considerably heavier than home machines, and the big ones weigh over 100 pounds. They also require a little practice to run. Make sure if you use one of these machines you use a soft shampoo brush for your carpet. Many brushes are available for use for floor machines. You wouldn’t want to use a brush for wood, or concrete floors to shampoo your carpet. Guaranteed damage to your carpet would result. I’m finding more professionals are switching to shampooing home carpets. I know a fellow who specializes in this method, and he’s in great demand. I think the reason is folks have had some bad experiences with other carpet cleaning methods, and the low moisture is a big draw.

The pros to this method is the low moisture on your carpets. Carpets aren’t damp for very long, and can be put back into service quickly. The cons would be if you have a very dirty carpet, or a restaurant, shampooing may not get the carpet clean as fast. I think if you have a machine shop attached to the front office, a restaurant, or rental property shampooing may not be your best option. The other draw back is finding some one who employs this method to clean carpets. There are many commercial facilities using this method, but far fewer residential carpet cleaners using this method.