March 12, 2013

Removing pet, mustard, juice, lipstick, grease, Kool Aid, nail polish, food, red wine, and rust stains from carpet.

Removing stains from carpeting is a science. There are people who make a tidy living because of their ability to get the stain out. The one guarantee I can make is there is no magic bullet, or single product that will remove any stain you could get in carpet. The closest product I’ve found is a spot remover from Core Products called Unbelievable. This product is great to have under your kitchen sink. It works best on any protein based spot. The trick to effective spot removal is to draw the spot out of the carpet. Once you see the spot releasing from the carpet it’s important to have absorbent rags handy to press down on the spot. You want the spot to draw up into the rag. A reoccurring spot is a result of wicking. Wicking happens when you release a spot from the carpet fibers, and allow it to run down into the backing. It looks like the spot has disappeared, but when the carpet dries it comes back. What’s happening is your carpet fibers are functioning like little candle wicks. As they dry from the top it draws the wet stain in the backing up to the surface of your carpet. Drawing it out with absorbent rags until it no longer appears is the answer.

Pet stains present a real challenge to remove. They normally occur when you’re not around, and by the time you find it the liquid has soaked into the pad. Using a good pet stain remover like Core’s Unbelievable Pet Stain Remover will remove it from the carpet fibers. Unfortunately you can’t get the liquid out of the pad. The answer lies in using a pet stain remover containing an enzyme designed to digest the bacteria in the pad. If you don’t address the stain in this manner you’ll find your pet making return visits to the area of the spot for a new deposit.

Removing lipstick, gum, nail polish, rust, grease, Kool Aid, ink, permanent magic marker, red wine, food, mustard, and soda is all about using the right spotter. Watch our step by step video’s where we show you how, and what product to use.