Vacuums for Mohawk Smart Strand Silk Carpet

September 3, 2012

I’ve written blogs on the difficulty of vacuuming Frieze carpet, and long shag type carpets. A new carpet has just appeared on the scene, and guess what. It’s also very difficult to find a vacuum that works on it without sinking down into the carpet. Mohawk, a leading manufacturer of carpets has introduced a carpet known by the brand name Silk. Smart Strand Silk is a premium high pile carpet. It’s incredibly soft to the touch, and you love walking barefoot on it. The problem is, finding a vacuum you can push on it is very difficult. Most vacuums are of the self adjusting, or limited adjustment nature. I had a lady who owned a Dyson livid with me because I couldn’t make her Dyson work on her new Silk carpet from Mohawk. You have to use a vacuum with a height adjustment system that includes an extra high setting. Any other vacuum will be hard to push on this type of carpet, and it’s not good for the carpet. This has become such a big issue for Mohawk because people can’t find a vacuum you can use on it. Mohawk is testing vacuums so they can help customers who are irate because their existing vacuum won’t work. I’ll give you a little inside information on what will do an excellent job on Silk carpet by Mohawk. Riccar Vacuum makes many great vacuums in St James Missouri that will work on Mohawk Smart Strand Silk carpet, Frieze, extra plush, and shag carpets. The Brilliance line of vacuums they manufacturer has a high, and extra high settings. This vacuum has a tandem motor system, dual brush strips on the agitator, and even a switch to turn off the agitator so you can vacuum hard surface floors. They also have a five year warranty with a built in free service plan. The other line of vacuums Riccar offers that is even better on Mohawk Smart Strand Silk is the Radiance line of vacuums. The Radiance line of vacuums have all the features of the Brilliance line but on the agitator it has three brush strips for triple the sweeping action of a single brush agitator. The Radiance line of vacuums carry six year warranties, three free factory services, and increased filtration over the Brilliance line of vacuums. Did I mention they were made in America. You can get more information by going to www.ok-vac.com or by visiting Riccars website by clicking here. O.K. Vacuum and Janitor Supply has helped many St Louis area folks with Frieze, Smart Strand Silk, Plush, and Shag carpets. If you’re in the neighborhood stop in, and let us show you why we’re the best.

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