Tubs and Whirlpools

March 19, 2013

Your whirlpool tub may not be as clean as you think.

What if I told you that scientist have measured the bacteria levels in many whirlpool tubs, and that significant bacteria was found in most. Now I’m not talking about the hot tubs or Jacuzzi tubs that stay filled, and use chlorine. I’m talking about bathtubs with the built in jets. The most commen bacteria was from fecal matter, and no small wonder Ecoli. The reason this is found is because when you shut the tub down water is trapped in the pipes of the tub where it’s dark, and damp with no air movement. A perfect breeding groud for growing bacteria. Then when you turn on the jets after filling the tub you spew this bacteria into the clean water of your tub. You can eliminate this by adding a cup of bleach, or disinfectant cleaner to the tub water when you’re done using it. Run the jets so the solution circulates through the pipes. Drain your tub, and any water trapped in the pipes will have enough disinfectant to kill any bacteria. I always recommend drying the tub after use with your used bath towel.