St. Louis Showers

March 19, 2013

How to clean showers like a professional.

Cleaning a shower is a piece of cake if you understand a little basic chemistry. The soils you encounter in a shower are soap scum, body oils, and mineral deposits. All of these issues have one thing in common. They are all alkaline based soils. If you use a shower cleaner that is on the acid side of the PH scale your job will be much easier. Acids come in many types. You want a shower cleaner that uses phosphoric acid. It’s safe, and will do the job. I always recommend you wear rubber gloves, and wear eye protection when using an acid based product. Spray, or apply from the top of the shower to the bottom. Allow a few minutes of chemical dwell time then use a sponge with clean water from the shower to wipe down the walls. It’s really that easy.

One of the biggest issues I get asked about is how to remove mold from the shower grout, or seams. Mold grows where it’s damp, dark, and little air movement. You can kill the mold with a good disinfectant cleaner, or use a bleach/water solution. Spray on the mold. Allow it to sit for a couple minutes then use a brush, and it should come right off. A couple things you can do to prevent it’s return is to have the last person using the shower squeegee the shower walls. Also when you’re done in the bathroom leave the shower door open to circulate air. Open the blinds and allow natural light into the bathroom when not in use. This should cure your mold problem.

Recently I’ve run across a product that is a non acid shower cleaner that really works. The reason I mention this product is some people are especially sensitive to acids, and spraying an acid based product in a confined area can bother some people. This product is Mineral X, and it’s made by Core Products down in Texas. I’ve done a video where I demonstrate how this product works. You can watch that video by clicking here.